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The Stinger Black Series of tools was designed with the professional fabricator in mind. Get a high quality finish with industry leading performance every time. The Stinger Black diamond blade series features small diameter turbo blades, patterned diamond bridge saw blades, and electroplated marble blades.

The Stinger Black Bridge Saw Blades has a 25mm patterned diamond segment on a reinforced silent core fast clean cutting with a 4cm miter capability. Smooth, clean, and consistent performance every time.

The Stinger Black Turbo Blade is designed for the fastest dry cutting with an almost chip free edge. A small continuous zipper design with a high diamond concentration ensures the cleanest edges when cutting through the hardest materials.

The Stinger Marble Blades create a smooth clean cut on the softest of materials that normally chip. The angled all diamond edge carves through the material with ease. Each segment strategically designed to make the optimum cut without overheating while in use.

Coming 2020…

The Stinger Black Bridge Saw Blade V2 | The Stinger Black Pro Pads | The Stinger Black Core Bit | The Stinger Black Cup Wheel Series

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