Types of Tile Flooring Materials


Ceramic Tile or Glazed Tile – These tiles are made of clay powders compressed and baked at into a tile form. They are usually red in a kiln at 600 to 800 degrees with a patterned and glazed surface to create a shiny, waterproof nish. Of the different types of tiles, they are the easiest to work with. Most standard continuous rim diamond blades will have no problem cutting them. One drawback is that the color is only on the surface so putting an edge detail on them does not work well.

Porcelain Tile – These tiles are much harder than ceramic tile as they also contain feldspar, quartz and other minerals. They are also heat treated at over 2100 degrees. Some are full bodied where the color goes all the way through the tile. For cutting, you really need a porcelain speci c blade. Many diamond blade manufacturers have gone to an ultra thin type blade for less resistance. The problem is that after 16” they cannot cut straight. Nikon has many options and grades. Our Stinger porcelain blades incorporate a unique slot and rim design. This blade will handle small and large format porcelain and even granite tiles.

Clay Tile – These are made of natural clay which is very soft and brittle. Almost any tile blade will work on them. They are used mostly outdoors. Many homeowners will coat them with a lacquer to make them shiny and water proof. These can be pro led and semi polished.

Glass Tile – These tiles are becoming more popular as they are considered “eco-friendly”. They are generally made of recycled glass and come in all sizes and colors. You often see them arranged in patterns and glued to a berglass backing. Nikon has blades in many sizes designed specially for glass.

Stone – You see these tiles in upscale homes and hotels. They are beautiful but require high quality installation. A good polished stone oor will look like one sheet of stone with a grid of lines throughout. Each tile has to be set at exactly the same height and an- gle. Some stone oors have a natural looking texture created by splitting, antiquing or aming and are great indoors or out. Diamond Vantage has blades to accommodate each stone. We have electroplated for marble, turbo style for granite and The Stinger Black turbo for agstone and slate.