Ultracompact Materials

Ultracompact Material Countertop

Why Ultracompact Surfaces?
Ultracompact surfaces are a newly developed category. It is a non-porous, UV-stable, scratch and absorbtion resistant, and low-maintenance countertop surface. This material provides thermal shock resistance against heat, frost and thawing, enabling the product to be used outside in any climate. It is available in a large variety of hues and several finishes along with variations giving the material a natural look when installed.

How it’s Made
Sintered Particle Technology is a high tech metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes when subjected to high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years. This new countertop surface is made by gathering the raw materials found in glass, porcelain, and quartz, then apply extreme heat and pressure to create and almost indestructible material. Two well known brands of this material in the industry are Dekton and Neolith.

The Statistics
Sintered Ultracompact surfaces are typically baked at 1200º Celsius, and compressed at 5900 pounds per square inch. In fact, the press that the makes the product Dekton is the largest press of its kind in the world at 25,000 tons.

Ultra Compact Surfaces are only “scratch resistant” not “scratch proof” because they can be scratched by diamonds

Resistance to UV Light  / Heat & Scorch Proof / Scratch Resistant / Stain Proof (Impermeability) / Low Thermal / Expansion / Consistent Thickness / Infinite Design / Large Slab Format / Colour Stability / High Abrasion Resistance